Teen-lingo 2024

Image Courtesy: Prateek Katyal/ Pexels

Does your teenager or pre-teen use words that you do not understand? Do you find it difficult to understand a conversation that’s happening between your child and his friends? Well, you gotta learn their lingo!

The past generations have all had their go with their kind of language that was used during their teens. So, after Gen Y and Z it the new gen A lingo that’s quite a challenge for Gen Y and Z parents. The internet and social media/ memes have all speeded up the new age teen-talk. Here’s a list to help you get their beat!

AFK – Away from keyboard

Bestie – best friend

BFF – Best friends forever

Bruh – (bro/ dude) Brother or dude

Cap – to lie

Cringe – something that’s awkward

GOAT – acronym for Greatest of all time

Idk – I don’t know

Irl – acronym for In real life

K – okay

Legit – real

OMG – Oh my God

Rizz – short for Charisma

Slay – doing well

Sus – short for suspicious or not trustworthy

Vibing- relaxing

Zone out – to not pay attention to what’s happening around you

Most slag words or teenage vocab change constantly and are meant to be trendy. You can keep up or check out more words in the Urban dictionary.