How to encourage your child to brush regularly

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Almost all parents on this planet have definitely dealt with the struggle of routinely brushing their child’s teeth. And almost all the time its not a pleasant experience – Sometimes kids resist. At other times we as parents are tired. We must admit that it is indeed very tempting to skip brushing just one time and then it becomes a habit. But don’t even think of it, because brushing is not just important its vital – as vital as teaching your child to use the zebra crossing while crossing the road. So how do you inculcate this simple, monotonous, routine, but lifelong habit from childhood? Here are Little Panda’s tips:

Get her an organizer
We all need a diary or google calendar to help us get through the day, so why not a child? Get a colorful little diary. Create a wild grid with pictures of sun, moon and a toothbrush to remind her to brush morning and night. You can also add other tasks to the diary like using the toilet before getting into bed or changing into pajamas. The organizer makes routine tasks important and your child will gladly tick off each task after completing them. Let her keep her diary in a ‘safe’ place. And of course, she will also remind you to help her brush, in case you are tempted to skip brushing after a long day!

Brush together with an hourglass
Make sure your child sees you while you brush your own teeth. Children imitate adults a lot and seeing you brush regularly will encourage them to do it with you. Get a tiny hourglass and place it in the bathroom. Start brushing with your child and see who can keep up the brushing till all the sand falls into the other side.

Give her options
Let your child to choose his own toothbrush from a store. This is a great way to give him a feeling that he is in control of the whole brushing task. And it makes brushing that much more easy and important. You can also have two toothbrushes with different animals for the little ones – “Will the Tiger brush your teeth today or the Monkey?” This creates excitement to the task.

Race to the bathroom 
Yes! Who gets to the bathroom to brush their teeth first? Mommy or Baby? This builds the momentum to get to the task. Then follow it up with the hourglass to see who can keep brushing till the very end!

Create a story
Make up a story about a dark little monster sitting on a tooth that is right at the back of his mouth. And how brushing will get the monster out from between his teeth. Tell him that he can can see the monster falling into the washbasin while rinsing his mouth.

What do you do to get your child to brush regularly? Send us your tips on or Post your comments below.