Author: Sara T Henry

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Let’s Have Another Baby!

Those immortal words one partner says to the other after the first baby has started sleeping through for a couple of nights, and they have forgotten the hell of the sleepless nights. After the hormones have made a shift, and suddenly a new baby seems like a brilliant idea. The pain of birth is a distant memory, and the idea of a baby brother or sister increasing your family is all you can think of.

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Homeschooling – How to Stay Sane!

Just as I got the 4th child into school, we are told to home school!  The benefits of homeschooling are, not having the stress of the school run, or juggling after-school clubs. Time is a little more flexible and I don’t need to worry about showing my great adventures on Facebook or glamming up for socializing with yummy mummy’s. On the other hand, homeschooling means HOMESCHOOLING! I’m running between all the children trying to make sure they have learnt something, eaten something, done some exercise and not killed each other before three o’clock. Phew! So let’s break it down and try to stay sane.