Easy Recycling for Busy Parents

Who’s got time for recycling??
YOU do!
And these super-easy tricks and tips can get you started. Remember: We don’t need one person recycling perfectly, we need millions doing their best!

You’re a parent, and you’re busy. Taking care of yourself is a full-time job, then add kids, fun, education and a healthy lifestyle, and boom, you’re overwhelmed!

But increasing your recycling can be done with little if any extra effort. Here are some easy steps to make a difference in the simplest way possible.

Waste-Free Lunches

Making a sandwich, wrap it in wax paper and put it in a paper bag. Add a simple piece of fruit in its natural skin (not chopped or in a squeeze tube or mashed up for convenience to avoid packaging). A piece of homemade cake or granola bar is less waste too. Keep it simple. Avoiding packaged food not only reduces waste, but it’s healthier!

Use Easy Alternatives

Baby wipes are not biodegradable (for that matter, they’re not flushable either, no matter what the package says…) A paper towel or handkerchief with a dab of water is a perfectly good alternative, especially when at home.

Reusable Water Bottle

Get a durable water bottle and use it every day. Make it part of your ‘gear’ so that thirsty-kids (and you!) can drink healthy water, whenever and wherever you are! A reusable water bottle also keeps water nearby for simple cleanups too!

Do what the Czechs do!

One of the great things I learned from a Czech friend’s grandmother: carry an extra bag with you for things you buy. Keeping a reusable fabric shopping bag with you is a great way to avoid single-use plastic bags when you shop. And the tradition lives on!

Up your creativity with Upcycling

An obvious but a good one. Look at all the paper and other products you discard. Can that TP tube be something? Sure it can! With the things you might throw away, you can make the best robots/, the coolest ships, the awesomest buildings and more using old cartons tubes, boxes and other stuff + a little creativity and together time.

Plant Basil!

Egg boxes are marvellous for growing seedlings and the cardboard ones turn to compost along with the eggshells.

And finally, the one that might show your Little Ones that they have waaaay too much…

Declutter: Reduce and pass it on

Get your kids involved in a garage sale. It ticks all the boxes: They get excited to participate, they zealously clean out their toys boxes and closets looking for treasures to sell on, they price them (math), make signs (arts and marketing) and they manage the money! And after the sale, you can donate what didn’t get sold!

Whatever you choose, do your best to teach the values of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Sara is British and has a Law Degree from there. She studied her MBA in the Netherlands and worked as a banker for five years. She made her ‘biggest career move’ when she became a mother and trailing spouse. Experiencing parenthood in various countries, circumstances and cultures including Prague for the last 2 years, Sara loves to analyse and learn how to make family life the best it can be.