6 Things to Do at Home with Your Child

The country is taking various measures in order to stop the spread of coronavirus. Schools are closed, adults are working from home, events over 30 people are not conducted, and public places can no longer host more than 10 people. In the coming days,  everyone will have a bit more time to spend at home – especially children.

Although some schools are having online work for children to do at home, many others are not. So, here are the 6 tips of fun activities to do together with your family at home.

  1. Have some cooking/baking sessions. Now that you have time to cook, you can try out some adventurous recipes. You may try to create your own pasta or bake a nice cake. Here are links for homemade pasta and a rainbow cake for inspiration.
  2. Declutter your house. This is something that we normally do not have time for. Our old belongings and clothes keep piling up, and we have less space. It is very pleasing and calming to do such a major clearing of the space. Go through your own stuff and do it together with your kid with his old toys, clothing. But do not throw it away! Put it aside and donate. This may still be useful and bring another person joy.
    We suggest you try the famous KonMari method. This method is created by a Japanese organising consultant, Marie Kondo, and is believed to be very effective, and helpful. Here is a link on how to do it.
  3. Movie and reading marathons. It can be nice and fun to binge watch your favourite movie series but do not forget about reading neither. You can read more now, and develop this habit further. Check out our article about reading for more ideas on how to include reading in your child’s life.
  4. Start a new hobby. You can have a mutual hobby with your kid to bond and spend some quality time together. It can be painting per se or crafting. You can check out our Crafty Panda section for  paper crafting ideas. Think of something you really wanted to do but were too busy for. Now is the right time!
  5. Exercise. It is still important to stay active. Do some exercises on your own and encourage you child to join in. There are family yoga sessions that you can watch online and do at home. Yoga is very nice for stretching and relaxing. The perfect option for a lot of time indoors. Check out this link.
  6. Studying. Classes at school may be cancelled, however, it is still important to keep on studying. Go through the old exercises that were tough for your kid and start learning further. You can look for more exercise on specific topics online or consult with a school’s teacher on what study materials you could use.
    Here is a link for maths activities online.


We hope this list of activities will be helpful for you. Remember to open the window at home every once in a while, eat healthy and stay positive! Take care!