Month: August 2018

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READERS’ CLUB 2018/2019

Today,  everybody is surrounded by digital gadgets and social media sources so much that people have stopped reading books. Especially, children prefer to be immersed in the artificial world and have virtual interaction rather than reading a book with an interesting plot and share it with others. To change the belief that reading does not provide so much fun, ClassActs offers a good  Reader’s club for children in English.

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I Am a Fan of School Cafeterias – Renata Lukasova, Director, Čerstvá sváča, School Food Enthusiast

What does your kid’s school serve for lunch? So, what are your kids getting for lunch? Is it healthy? Fresh? Is it a well-prepared meal, or is it packed with too much sugar, preservatives and processed foods? Don’t know what the daily menu is? Don’t feel alone, not too many parents do.