Month: June 2018

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Playing Tennis for physical, mental development and fun! – Petr Kuznetsov, Coach

Petr Kuznetsov transformed his career in tennis for a university education while remaining a passionate student of the game. He has been a sports journalist and an active coach in Russia, Portugal and here in the Czech Republic. He moved to Prague, last year to continue his coaching work, this time working almost exclusively with kids. He had a chance to sit down with Little Panda and tell us why tennis is a great sport for kids and how it helps in a child’s mental and physical development.

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Managing relocation and settling in with kids

Hear the word relocation and we all are into planning the nitty gritty and details right from immigration papers, packers, work handovers, school leaving letters and doctor certificates. And in between all the busy days of planning the move and settling into a new place, it’s easy to overlook or skip the feelings of anxiety as a family.