Month: February 2018

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Language as our Human Heritage

Human communication is formed by a combination of varied systems: body language; artistic expression, dance and music; symbolic languages (such as traffic signs or pictograms) and the written language. However, we focus on spoken language as one of the pillars of human development and our humanity itself: a complex and intricate system that likely shapes our minds as much as our activity shapes our environment.

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Teaching a second language to kids

Many parents raise their children in families that speak one language, wishing they could give them the edge of a second language. Ironically, many parents are also afraid of doing so. They believe adding a second language into the everyday life of a child might impose a burden or may even hinder the child’s mother tongue development.

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Creating fun birthday parties

We all loved birthdays as kids – I mean the entire show with buntings, balloons, cake and gifts. And how we all dreamed of parties ripped off from fairy tales or with our favorite toy characters. Well, it’s only now, as parents that many of us understand the immeasurable amount of effort that goes into planning, creating and celebrating a special day.