Author: International Montessori School Prague

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Books to Read this Summer with Kids

We hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer full of fun activities. Remember, these summer months shouldn’t mean a break from reading! Reading, and being read to, is critically important for children’s development. For youngest children and babies, reading aloud gives parents a chance to model their native spoken language, and instill an early love for books.

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Children Can Be The Best Helpers

Sometimes we believe that the children are “too small” or “too young” to help us or even to care about themselves. The opposite is the truth. Young children are (more often than not), the best helpers and love looking after their environment, others and themselves. The sooner they start with practicing real-life activities, the faster they master practical life skills.

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Language as our Human Heritage

Human communication is formed by a combination of varied systems: body language; artistic expression, dance and music; symbolic languages (such as traffic signs or pictograms) and the written language. However, we focus on spoken language as one of the pillars of human development and our humanity itself: a complex and intricate system that likely shapes our minds as much as our activity shapes our environment.