Workshop: Respectful Approach to Parenting

When: April 5 to June 4.Time: 18:30 until 21:30 hours, 8 evenings
Where: Limpid Works, Donska 9, Prague 10
Other Details: The workshop series is intended primarily for parents and other caregivers who would like to deepen their understanding of how communication styles relate to emotions, needs and motivation and how what we say to children in everyday situations affects their sense of self-worth and the development of various qualities such as responsibility, empathy and creativity.
It is for parents who want to dive into these topics to strengthen their relationships with the children in their lives and help them develop respect for themselves and for others.

–The relationship between communication approaches and how the brain works
–The use of power and how it can influence our children’s development
–Effectively responding to emotions and needs of others
–Effectively communicating our emotions and needs
–Alternatives to punishments, rewards and praise: making a shift from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
–Competition vs. cooperation
–Conflicts among children
Telephone: +420 775251197
More info: For course fee and registration click here

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