Why you should let your kids feel bored this summer

Image Courtesy: Quang Nguyen/ Pexels

All kids today are extremely active both physically and mentally. Along with school, we parents juggle hobbies, sport, tutor lessons and more. When all this happens the whole year through, its only essential that kids get some down time during the holidays. And that includes being bored!

Being bored is actually something that’s useful for your child. Now, if you think back, when did you come up with the most creative idea as a child? Well, its was only when you had nothing to do and were bored! Boredom actually teaches children to think and this is quite useful for them. Here are some benefits of letting your child get bored this summer.

Helps empower the child
When a child complains that she’s bored, it’s important to point out to her that she should come up with a creative idea to keep herself occupied (without the screen). This sort of encourages the child to think and come up with something interesting and also to their liking.

Teaches kids to deal with failure
When kids are bored, they come up with something new to do. And whatever they choose to do need not always succeed. But in the process they learn to either try again or to let go and find a different solution.

Supports networking socially
When kids are alone in a beach or park, somehow, they try and find other kids to hang out with and make new friends. This teaches them to network and to make the most of what resources are available to them.

Creates self-awareness
When kids are alone and bored, they tend to be quiet and think on their own and by themselves. This helps them understand themselves better and motivates them to do something. In this way, it build intiative taking qualities in a child.

Instills independence
When kids are too busy running from one activity to the other, they hardly get times for themselves and eventually become slaves to being busy or to activities. They have no time to think and develop their creative skills. In contrast, when a child is bored, they usually come up with new ideas and try to make it succeed.

Helps idea generation
We all come up with the best ideas and solutions when we have time to think and are relaxed. Summer holidays can help children define their identity and character through idea generation. There’s no stress from school and lots of time to think and do new things while learning along the way.