Why is sunscreen so important for kids

Image Courtesy: KindleMedia/ Pexels

With the sunny days coming, it’s essential to remember that fun in the sun comes with its own risks. Some people believe that children with a darker skin are not at risk for sunburn or tan. Is it true? Let’s take a look.

Everyone has the same number of cells in their skin to protect them from the sun, irrespective of skin color. But, melanin found in skin cells is less in white skin as compared to darker skin shades. Melanin offers protection to the skin from the sun to a certain extent. But medically it has been proved that it can’t offer complete protection from the UV rays.

Exposing your skin to UV rays means inviting skin cancer.

Now, skin cancer is not the only danger from the sun’s UV rays. Skin color darkens when exposed to too much sun due to hyperpigmentation.

But it’s not really hard to protect skin from the sun. The easiest thing to do is wear long sleeved shirts and full trousers. While it is understandable that a family may want to spend time at the beach, most dermatologists recommend visiting the beach early in the morning or in the evening. Typically, the sun’s rays are strongest from mid-morning to late afternoon.

And if you must go out in the sun, it’s best to cover yourself in sunscreen as well as the kids. Choosing a sunscreen is equally important. The UPF should ideally be at least 30. And a protection of under 15 is not at all useful. Mineral sunscreens literally remain over the skin and physically block its harsh rays.

Sunscreen is not something you slap on in the morning and forget afterwards. If kids are continuously in the sun, it’s important to keep reapplying sunscreen every second hour to be safe. If children are in the pool, make sur you get sunscreen that’s meant for water. Many parents choose to buy full body swimwear for their kids while they are in water.

Despite all its dangers, the sun in not a bad thing. A certain amount of sun is good for the skin to keep the Vitamin D levels. It’s important to remember that too much of anything is never good for anyone.