Why I love this really cute pumpkin costume from H & M

It’s the easiest costume that a child can put on by herself! You just need to dress your child in regular black trousers and t-shirt, and then let her pull on the pumpkin.

Image Courtesy: H and M Website

The seams are soft at the neck and armholes, which let the arms and head pop out comfortably. The material is soft and doesn’t irritate your child’s skin. The neckline has a tiny velcro which helps him secure the neck nice and round by himself!

Its available in two size ranges and can be worn by children up to 10 years of age. Which means, buy one pumpkin costume this year and use it till he’s 10!

It’s really quick to get ready in the morning for ‘Halloween dress up’ day at school. And since it does not have any bits and bobs like hats, masks, face paint, broomstick etc, nothing gets left behind at school! Its comfortable to be worn the whole day with nothing sticky or pokey, to bother with.

We bought it 2 years ago from H & M (and it still holds its shape!) and even though we have many other costumes like batman, vampire or knights, my little boy loves to wear his pumpkin because it gives him full range of movement @ playtime!

You can easily order it online for CZK 399. Get one for your child HERE.