Values to teach kids by 10 years

Image courtesy: rdne Stock Project/ Pexels

All of us want our kids to have great values and character. But the entire process of instilling them in kids can be daunting. And out of the many values that everyone preaches, which ones are important? Well, all values are great for kids to have – here, we’ve jotted down some which we feel are non-negotiable.

Ten-year-old children are usually perfectly able to take care of themselves – things like completing homework, preparing for tests, keeping themselves clean, following hygiene habits, keeping their surroundings clean, tracking schoolwork while maintaining an organized room and lifestyle are all tasks that they can largely handle by themselves. If children this age are not able to handle things by themselves, it’s our job as parents to encourage them to be independent.

it’s important as parents that we create an environment for clear and open communication at home. A child should be able to put forward his thoughts and opinions without fear or rejection. Sometimes children are introverts and may not easily put forward their thoughts. Being an introvert is not wrong or bad. They just have different ways or methods of communication and as parents we should support them to express themselves in whatever way they feel confident.

As parents, encouraging honesty is our primary responsibility. Children do have a tendency to say white lies or hide the truth. But, reprimanding them for it is not going to teach them the worth of being honest. When a child lies its better to tell them that you can see through it and ask for the truth openly. ‘Now, that’s not true, is it? Tell me what truly happened.’ And when they do tell the truth, appreciate their being candid. This sets a benchmark for not just honesty at home, but everywhere else. Open communication and honesty go hand-in-hand.

Being thankful for what you have is not unambitious. Contentment and thankfulness create joy in people’s lives. It’s important to be happy and thankful rather than live in a rut with wanting more. Teaching your child to be content, sets an environment of happiness for his entire life. Happiness and gratitude are a state of being and not something that can be earned or achieved. And only parents can install this in kids.

Joy for learning
Never curb the curiosity of a child and try to patiently address all the whys and why nots that they have. This encourages them to ask questions and learn more in the process. Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed about not being able to answer all the questions that their kids have. Well, when in doubt, try to be curious with them and discover things with kids. ‘Hmmm, that’s an interesting question, let’s find out!’ This can bring you down prom the position of authority to that of a peer and kids open up better!