Air Travel With Kids And What You Should Know!

Travelling with kids is not easy as you have to be always wired to keep them organised, not miss them at a busy airport and entertain them throughout the flight-travel. 

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but just as the boarding is announced, my little boy wants to use the toilet! And then there is the whole running around to find the toilet, get the business done quickly while not compromising on hygiene habits, like washing hands, and then making it just-in-time for the flight. So, for me, the whole journey sometimes does get quite stressful and missing a flight a high probability.

Here are some tips I always follow to avoid missing flights while travelling.
The simplest way to stay risk-free and protect yourself from money/time loss is to always buy ticket insurance. It will reinforce some money in cases of delay, it will put you on another flight in case of flight cancellation, it can even ensure you have a place to stay (book a hotel for you) in case you have a long wait before your next flight.

You should keep in mind, that in case you missed a flight, because of any personal reason, your return ticket automatically expires. This means, that you have to buy not only an outbound but a return ticket as well. If you are travelling with your whole family, this can cost you a lot. This applies to tickets that are bought as return tickets. To avoid this, tickets can be booked as single-journey-tickets, but they would cost a bit more than return tickets. It also depends on the airline. There are airlines, which don’t cancel inbound tickets.

Some tips for preventing missing a flight:

  • Make sure you’re at the right airport. Sounds silly, but still happens. In cities with multiple airports, it can be confusing.
  • Check if the airport has more then one terminal, and if yes, how far they are from each other. Sometimes, flights may depart from one terminal while you arrive in the other. And it can take quite a bit of time to go from one terminal to the other.
  • Make sure you are at the airport well in advance. You never know, what can keep you busy.
  • Check-in online to save some time at the airport. With online check-in, there is a separate drop-off line for luggage, which is normally not as long as the regular one.
  • When through all the security checks and passport control, make sure you are at the right gate.
  • Always. Always check and double check the dates for your flight, and all the documents with you. Make sure you have visa for the country of destination, if you need one.

Have a safe journey and great holidays! Bon voyage!