Tips To Stay Awake On A Long Road Trip

The pandemic has made us use our cars a lot more than before and road-trips have become the ‘safe’ mode of travel (in comparison to air travel). Here are our tips to combat ‘falling-asleep-on-the-wheel’.
Make sure to get 8  hours of sleep before your road trip. Nothing, but sleep can rejuvenate your body and brain to stay alert during a drive.

Of course! How can we miss caffeine? Coffee, black tea, colas are all good, but be sure to also drink water intermittently. Caffeine is a diuretic and dehydrates you quickly. Water keeps you feeling refreshed while on the go!
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Chat a lot. Yes, I mean it, talk non-stop (this works for me!). Talking involves applying your mind, which in turn keeps the brain active and stops you from falling asleep.

Play a game. Something chatty keeps everyone involved – like “Truth or Dare’. If its kids, word-building or spotting cars of different colours are fun!
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Don’t forget to take a break! Yes, we all know that this is important, but we all tend to bend the rules a bit with “We can reach early and rest!”  Remember: Better late than hurt.

Have fun driving around this summer, and tell us about ( what YOU do to keep from dropping off at the wheel!