Tips to Get Kids to do their own Homework

I’ve probably tried more than a dozen ways to get my daughter to do her homework without me standing over her and making her do it. It got to the point that on some days I just didn’t have the energy to watch, hover and demand she gets it done. It can get to the point that I say, ‘OK, you want a bad grade, get a bad grade…’ And every time I get to that point, I realize it’s my job to teach her responsibility, not just throw her to the wolves. Responsibility is taught, it’s a lesson I keep learning over and over.
These are a few popular ways to create an atmosphere conducive to getting your child to do their homework every night.
1. Prepare a dedicated space for homework – Make it simple, and establish boundaries
2. Set up exact homework time – This can be a challenge with how active kids are these days, but if you do it, stick to it.
3. Set up a good example – Hold firm to your plan
4. Give good motivation – Always encourage good grades with positive reinforcement. Positive words go a LONG way!
There are many more tips like this you can find with a quick google search.
However, there’s one technique that you will only find here: The HWB Corporation.
My wife, myself and my daughter invented a company, the HWB corporation (It stands for Homework Business) Mama and Papa are co-CEO’s and Little One is a contracted Specialist. We created a contract for the work to be done by our little ‘Specialist’. I had no idea how serious she would take all of this, but she was ON it from the word ‘go’
We made rules for all HWB members, which all of us had to follow. We agreed that failure to perform could result in the member getting fired.
One KPI we created was ‘Report to Homework Office’ At the agreed time, each member has to take his and her place and start doing their “business”. For Little One it was her homework. Her Specialist Area.
Because she took it so seriously, we began to add perks into her contract, like the use of Mama’s iPad or getting a favourite dinner for completing extra tasks with good quality. The tasks were easy, like packing her bag for school the next day, getting into her PJs and brushing teeth at the right time.
After we started to run our family HWB corporation, Little One began acting more attentive in school work and started doing her homework without my help. We’ve already paid out the first salary, which goes into a savings account, and the first perk: A small child’s watch.
We’re happy with the work that HWB does, what do you think about HWB?