Throw a Virtual Birthday Party!

You’re quarantined at home and your child has a birthday! Oh yes! Here’s your chance to host a virtual birthday party for her. Read our tips for ways to make it work.

Send out invitations. This will give everyone a feel of the birthday party. You can order physical invitations, sign them and send out to your guests. You can also create invitations online. It could be fun decorating/ creating invitations with your child for his friends.

Pick a theme. Since this is a party without guests, you may as well go big! Decorate the house in a certain theme, dress up and get into the celebration spirit! Find some decorations online. Order some costumes online. 

Create a Zoom “appointment” which will ensure everyone will get a notification and connect at the same time. Then, when everyone has gathered, get the party started!

Prepare some activities. There are games that you can actually play online. You can play Pictionary or charades. This website generates a word for you so you can use it for Pictionary and charades. You can even hire an entertainer to dance, sing or do some magic tricks for kids via video call.

Movie together. This could be part of the activities as well. You can choose some movie or a cartoon that kids can watch all together in Zoom or Netflix. They will be online during this time so they could chat and share their thoughts.

What about presents? Guests can actually send gifts straight to your place, so your child has some presents to open!

Cake! Making a wish and blowing out the candles is an important and fun tradition. It may be a bit boring to do in front of the camera and then eat a cake without your friends. We actually suggest you send some sweet treat to guests as well so everyone can share this special moment and enjoy!