Family Beach Destinations in Europe – Summer Edition

Thinking of where to head off this summer for a family beach vacation? We have a list of places that we’ll share with you. Our choices are based on their beauty, recommendations and the likelihood that you can still book for this summer! Have a look and feel inspired!

  1. Bretagne (Brittany) Region of France

This part of France is perfect for a calm family vacation. Brittany is located in the Northwest of France with the capital Rennes.
You will be able to enjoy the rustic and beautiful French coast, have some peaceful time at incredible beaches, and visit some tourist attractions along the way.
Brittany has one of the oldest buildings in the world, the  Saint-Michel Tumulus, dating to the early 5th millennium BC. Incredible and definitely worth a visit!
The Parc d’Armorique is an interesting spot to visit for the whole family. Check out the Celtic legends and fairy tales that have their home here.
The region is also rich in picturesque chateaus. One of the best ones to visit is Fougères, checking in at 8 centuries old and looking like a fairy tale castle!

The beaches in Brittany will surprise you! Some claim that the hidden coves and beaches here are the best in France.

  • Cap d’Erquy is a small stretch with 9 beaches. Cap d’Erquy is the most representative of all of Brittany according to many who visit.
  • In Morgat you’ll find one of the finest resort beaches in Brittany right in the city!
  • Audierne beach at Cap Sizun is a long stretch of fine white sand for the best sand castles a dad and kids can make.
  • Lantecoste is one of the ‘hidden’ beaches you’ll find if you travel the Brittany coast.  The trees just beyond the beach provide some great shade on a hot day.
  • Port Manech is a great spot where the Belon river meets the sea. Here you’ll find the Belon Oysters, the most famous Oysters in the world! Kick back, drink wine and slide a few down.

Renting a car and driving to see more than just one spot in Brittany is highly recommended!

Here is a link for some kids’ activities in Brittany.

  1. Corfu – Greece

Corfu, the grand lady of the Ionian islands. Venetians, French and, of course, the Greeks have all laid claim to this island, and all have left a mark on its architecture and it’s history, making it unique and different from the rest of Greece in some ways.
Corfu’s historic centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, so there’s lots to say ooh and aah over.
The thing you might want to know first: The beaches are great on Corfu! There are 57 beaches in total, so there’s something for everyone: tourist beaches with tavernas and water sports, quiet areas without services surrounded by raw nature, surfing beaches with surf schools for all levels. You can see stunning rock formations and beautiful lagoons too. Beaches and areas of note are:

Another great reason for choosing Corfu: Food! Order up some pastitsada, soarito and bourtedo. Check out this link for Corfu food guide.
For adventurous souls, sailing around the island can kick up your family vacation to a new level! Check out this link for some sailing tours on Corfu.

Here is a link for some kids’ activities on Corfu.

Links for bookings:
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– Flights: Skyscanner

Get to the beach this summer, what are you waiting for?

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