Things to do before school starts

The countdown to the next school year has begun and these simple tips will help you and your family begin the year with a great start.

Make a check list
Spend some time with your child talking about what the new school year is going to be like. Discuss what they might need to use this school year and figure out where they would like to shop for it. Write down everything with your child so that you both are on the same page.

Shop school stuff
Who doesn’t like new shoes, clothes, bags and gadgets! And of course all the cool school new stationary. Spend an afternoon going to the stores to help your girl pick what she likes. Children, even the younger ones can be quite keen on what they wear to school and what their friends say about it. Of course, don’t forget to pick a cool attire for the first day of school!

Create a calendar
Make sure to make your calendar and hang it on the fridge or anywhere everyone can see. Everyone should be allowed to add their schedule to the calendar. I know, there are online calendars for this, but making a colour coded calendar with one colour allotted to each family member can be fun and useful both at the same time! And the best part is you are making this as a family and with your own hands. So, it can be saved up as a keepsake later too!

Do a trial run
Go to the school with your child and help him get oriented to the surroundings and where are the different places that would be useful to him – lockers, toilets, gym, playground, classroom and more.

List out quick lunch recipes
Gather thoughts from the whole family on what packed lunches are going to be like this school year – how many days, what recipes are a favourite of the whole family, what days should you eat in school and more. While you’re at it, get the kids to learn to pack some simple lunches on their own! This can give you a bit of a respite during a busy work day.