Things to do at home with kids on a rainy day

While rains, can be a damper, there are fun ways to keep the family entertained at home. Here are some easy ideas.

Clean out the closets!
Yes, it’s really fund to go through all the old clothes with kids and decide what to keep and what to throw. Not only does it organize the closet, but also teaches kids the art of decision making.

Make soup together
A cup of hot soup on a chilly day is very welcome. Let the kids decide what goes in the boiling stew pot before you blend it all together. It encourages to choose veggies and also helps clean out the fridge off leftover greens and herbs. Later you can enjoy it with warm toast while watching a movie. Definitely a healthier alternative to popcorn.

Have neighbours over
We’re so busy in our own lives that we hardly have time to catch up. A rainy day is perfect for a quick home gathering or potluck with whatever’s at home!

Make birthday cards
We barely have time to order a cake and buy a card these days. So a personalized handmade card is always welcome because of the time invested in creating it. So, sit down together and make birthday cards for each other/ loved ones and save it up for the next birthday or occasion!

Read aloud together
Pick out a book as a group and take turns to read a para each aloud for everyone to hear. Each person reads and passes the book on. See who has the most eloquent voice or who can read with better intonation patterns.

Clean out the pantry
it’s great to have all hands-on board to clean out the pantry. Check what’s healthy and what’s not and chuck it out. It’s a great way to find out whether you’re shopping right.

Write a story
It’s always good to make up a cool and scary family story during stormy weather. You can turn off the lights and use torches for the spooky effect. Each person takes turns to add on to the story. Try to weave the storm sounds into the story for more fun.

Call friends/ family
Nothing’s easier than calling grandparents as a family. Chatting over phone or a video call and sharing your week’s activities can be interesting for both grandparents and kids.