The Elf on the shelf tradition

Image Courtesy: Lisa Fotios/ Pexels

It’s 40 days to Christmas and we all love a good Christmas tradition. So, The Elf on the Shelf is back! The Elf on the shelf tradition is something that has gained popularity over the years. It involves getting a keepsake Elf-on-the-shelf kit and a story that goes with it.

The Elf on the shelf tradition

The Elf arrives in people houses during the run up to Christmas in late November and sits on the shelf. The Elf, has magical powers and can communicate with Santa. So, he is a scout and reports to Santa every night about how the kids in the house behave.

There are also some rules for the Elf – Kids should not touch the elf, or they will lose their magical powers. The Elves don’t move during the day and only fly off to meet Santa at night. But kids can write notes and speak to the Elf telling him about their day. The Elf will levee before Christmas because he needs to help Santa prepare.

The new take

Some parents like to give a more positive story to the Elf on the shelf. Instead of pressurizing kids to behave, the elf helps them improve themselves. ‘Santa does know that we all have good and bad days. Days with challenges and simple days. But what the Elf will see is how you deal with it. If you’re really sorry about some things, you can tell the Elf and he will take that into consideration while reporting to Santa.’ This makes children happier about the elf, rather than afraid or nervous about doing something wrong.

Whatever people want to follow, the Elf on the Shelf is indeed an interesting tradition. You can buy your own on the Shelf here.