Teaching Body care to Children

Is your 8-to-10-year-old beginning to get pimples, underarm odor, or other hygiene-related problems? Well, you might not have expected it, but your child is growing up and it’s time to hand over the body care routine to him!
Even if your preteen hasn’t started sweating yet, it is a good age to explain hygiene and body care to him.

Talk about it
A lot of kids perspire during PE or physical activities and may or may not have body odor. But this doesn’t mean, they are clean. Sit your pre-teen down and explain to him/ her why it’s important to keep his/her body clean. Talk about microbes present in the various difficult-to-reach parts of the body and how to make sure everything is clean.

Get her a grooming kit
Just talking about it, isn’t helpful. Get her a grooming kit. Something for the nails, something to scrub the body with, some lotions, gels, fragrances, does, etc. Things that will make her feel good about herself.

Figure out a body care routine
Ask him to think about his body and realise its odor and hygiene needs. Tell him what you do and how/ why. Let him pick his method of cleanliness to make him feel good about himself. Decide on how many times he would wash in a week, how many times he can use shampoo or have a long soak, how often should the clothes go into the laundry, how can you prevent bad breath and greasy hair.

Visit a beauty store
Take some time out to go and explore different kinds of things that your pre-teen would need. Let him/ her make the choices on what she feels will make her feel fresh and clean. Of course, offer your suggestion! But let the decision be hers because that’s what will motivate her to follow the routine meticulously.

Encourage his independence
Make sure he is motivated to look after himself well. Compliment him when he smells fresh or when he is properly groomed. Let him feel the confidence of being fresh and active!