How to teach your child to enjoy reading books

Real books… of paper! Remember?
I have loved reading book since I was a child. And while ANY reading is good reading, there is something special about the printed word.
It’s a sensory thing. The colour of the cover, the weight in your hands, the feel of the page between your fingers as you turn the page. There is something about the intimacy that creates an environment of reading a printed book that digital options can’t match.
And since my first days with books, hiding away in my room or curling up in a chair, I always have thought about how I would teach my child to enjoy reading books. Since my first child came along, I have enjoyed every opportunity to share my love of books. Here are some ways you can too:
1. Let them choose any book they want to read (or have read to them). I try not to impose my personal opinion about books so that he can choose which one he wants. This freedom really works wonders, and I can see his interest and desire to read something special that he chose.

2. Bedtime reading!! Few times in your life will you share such a small space filled with such large stories and worlds! Bedtime reading is one of my most cherished times of the day. No matter how tired or distracted you may be, dear parent, ALWAYS make time for bedtime stories. This time only lasts a few short years, don’t miss it!

3. Be a guide to the world of books. My husband and I always try to be a model of reading for our son. He sees us reading books, talking about them, and being excited about them. Our son wants to take part in this discussion and sometimes he asks me to read him more books and discuss his thoughts about them later. It’s the best personal example of loving books you can show.
Bookshops In Prague recommended by Little Panda:
Knihy Dobrovsky, Levné Knihy. 

4. Let your child read books where ever they want. My son loves to read books in the bathroom. I think it’s a strange place, but hey, don’t judge them, right? My son grabs a book voluntarily and then goes to read it. If this is the hardest thing I have to face all day, I’m lucky!

5. Keep a house library to show your love for books. Our family loves displaying our private library. Everyone has their own bookshelf and I constantly notice the excitement of my son, when he places a new book there.

6. Get a Library Card. If you don’t have one, go get one for yourself too. Then GO to the library. Going to the library is a free, easy and fun thing to do. Kids love libraries, and good libraries need kids. It’s a win-win!
There are so many other techniques for creating a love of reading that I can’t possibly list all of them here. The ultimate result is a kid who reads and thinks that grows up to be an adult that reads and things. And these days, we desperately need more adults that read and think.
List of Central Libraries in Prague.

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