Take a tour of the Prague airport with your family!

Photo: ©Chalabala/123rf

Ever been curious about how the airport functions? Do your kids love to see airplanes take off and land? Well, now you don’t need to take a flight to explore the airport. Vaclav Havel Airport offers lovely, informative tours for the public. But it is important to book your tour early on while paying a visit.

As part of excursions organized by Prague Airport, you will have an opportunity to get to know the working background of many interesting professions and places that passengers do not have access to. You will see the traffic, hustle and bustle in the check-in areas, the runway system and also the  fascinating machines – the aircrafts. You will see the take-offs and landings of various types of aircrafts, and will get to know the airlines that have chosen Prague as their destination.

Individual tours of the airport are intended:

-for persons of all age categories – adults and children over 3 years of age (Line 2)
-children 10+ (Line 5), children 15+ (Line 1)
-families with children that are looking for an extraordinary experience
-non-expert public interested in air traffic and airport operations
-experts whose profession focuses on civil air transport

Book your tour tickets here

Ticket prices are CZK 220 for adults and CZK 100 for kids. Check out prices for more categories of tickets (families and seniors) and the different tour possibilities.

Requirements for taking an airport tour

1) Book the tour in advance (all people including children have to be registered) using the form, preferably at least 24 hours beforehand.
2) Wait for the booking confirmation which you will receive by email.
3) Come to the Souvenir Shop in Terminal 3 at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour and pay there for the tour itself and parking if you need it.
4) Before the start of the tour, you will undergo a security check; therefore, do not bring any forbidden items (real and dummy guns, sharp objects, liquids, gels, etc.). You can carry non-alcoholic beverages in a small volume (all liquids and beverages are forbidden on Line 1).
5) Wheelchair users can only take the airport tour with prior agreement – please contact us by email: exkurze@prg.aero.

Co-operation discounts
Prague Airport also has a Cooperation with the National Technical Museum (NTM) and the Kingdom of Railways (KRs). If you have visited any one of these sites in the past one year, you can show your ticket at the other sites to avail a 20 % discount in ticket prices. The discount must be utilized within the same year!