Robot Teaches at Czech Elementary School

The new teacher at the elementary school in Usti nad Labem is 120cm tall and weighs less than 30 kilos. She is a humanoid robot Ruby, who will help her human colleagues in teaching mathematics or English. Pupils love their new teacher from the first moment.

On Wednesday, September 18, the Robot joined the primary school for the first time in Czech Republic as part of a research project to prepare children for the digital revolution. The project which has partners from the JE Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and the Czech Technical University in Prague, explores the relationship between robots and students.

The project is called ‘Robot as a tandem teacher, assistant and assistant of pupils and teachers’ will be to test this novelty in teaching at Czech schools. And the robot teacher will be a truly valid partner for both educators and children.

In practice, it may seem that while a teacher is attending to one pupil, the robotic colleague will come to the next child and practice with the tablet. In this way, she can devote herself not only to gifted children but also to pupils with disabilities. In total, this assistant can handle up to 30 pupils at once, using the QR codes that each child is equipped, to communicate with the robot.