Picture Cubes

What are Picture Cubes?
Picture Cubes are little cubes with pictures on them. They are used by children and adults for various purposes like story telling, playing games, brainstorming, finding solutions to problems, trying to generate new ideas and also to just improve imagination. They are most useful while travelling with kids because they can provide fun and entertainment for the whole family! I personally like them because they help me bond with my child and improve his speaking skills.

Where can you buy them?
You get them in any toystore or bookstore. You can even order them online on websites like Alza.cz or Heureka.cz

Games that you can play with Picture Cubes

-Take all the cubes and roll them. Then try and tell a story with all the pictures. The idea is to link all 9 of them to create something fun!

-Put all the 9 cubes in a bag and shake them. Now pick one and try to create a story with as many pictures from that one cube!

-Put all the cubes in a bag and ask the child to pick a cube. Then let the child choose any 3 images and talk about the benefits and disadvantages of the images. This helps develop critical and all round thinking!

-Let each player pick a cube. Now start a story with the first player and first image, let the next player continue the story with any 1 of the images from his cube. Continue till all images and all players are done using up their images. This helps the brain to form a connection between totally abstract things and helps it to grow.

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