Paternity leave from February 1, 2018

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As on February 1, 2018, new fathers are entitled up to 7 days of paternity leave. As per the amendment in May 2017, this leave for fathers need not be approved by the employer.
Previously, if fathers take leave to care for the child, the leave was deducted from the maternity leave. But now, these 7 days of leave can be used by new fathers to care for the child side-by-side with the mother.

Fathers can take the leave uninterrupted for 7 days and within 6 weeks of child birth. The payment benefits for this leave will be provided by the Social security department on the same basis as maternity leave.

Up to 70% of the average daily covered earnings over the year prior; daily covered salary defined as follows:
100% of daily salary up to CZK 942
60% of daily salary between CZK 942 and CZK 1,412
30% of daily salary between CZK 1,412 and CZK 2,824

Source: Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs