Montessori: Education for life, Parent’s seminar

When: March 16, 2018 from 19:00 to 21:00 hours
Where: IMSP Multipurpose Hall, Hrudičkova 2107/16, Praha 148 00
Other Details: Children are eager to learn and our main task is to guide them in this. Modern research confirms what Maria Montessori discovered more than a century ago through her observations. With the rapid progress neuropsychiatry has made throughout the recent decades, we have a wealth of new information and understanding of the workings of the developing brain. Two world-renown personalities in the field of Early Education, Montessori teacher trainer Elina Rautasalo, and pediatric neuropsychologist Dr. Steven Hughes, are coming to IMSP to conduct this seminar for parents.
Admission fee for the seminar is 500 CZK per person. Last 10 spots left! Please make your bookings here. Email:, Telephone: 607 863 750
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