Mikuláš Day in Prague

15030276 - stickers of legendary characters st nicholas and his two assistants angel and imp

When: December 5, 2017, 16:30 to 19:30 hours
Where: All over Old town square and malls – Palladium, Kampa, Novodvorska, Mala Strana
Other Details: On Mikulas day, usually there is music and festivity in the old town. This event is specifically for kids. There will be three characters walking all over the city – St Nicholas, The angel and the Devil. The Angel will carry a bag of goodies to give to children who have been good throughout the year. The devil gives away charcoal and potatoes to kids who have been naughty. So if you step out with kids and are stopped by the Devil, make sure you tell him you have been good. And remember to sing a song to receive candies from the Angel!