Ways to Make Your Child’s Bedtime Easy

Creating a bedtime routine is quite essential for any parent with a child. When children don’t get enough sleep it becomes hard for them to manage their emotions. It’s no surprise that a tired child whines or is irritable. Regular bedtime schedules help kids function at their best and keeps them happy!

Here are 4 simple tips to help you get your little one to bed:

  • Make sure your little one goes to bed at the same time everyday. A child may be unaware of time schedules but their body does start winding down. Keeping up with the schedule will create a sleeping habit.
  • Start the cooling down process early. It’s difficult for kids to switch from an active mode to sleeping mode right away. Read a book before going to bed or do some calming activity, drawing, for example.
  • Gadgets before bedtime are a strict no-no! The light from the screen prevents a child’s brain from switching off and slowing down. Even TV shows can have action scenes that make it difficult for a child to calm down in order to fall asleep easily.
  • Sit with your kid by his bedside and talk to him before he falls asleep. Keep it an easy conversation, maybe just something you did that day, something that’s positive to think about before falling asleep. I sometimes speak about something exciting that we are going to do the next day and how resting today is important to recharge him for tomorrow. This usually works.
  • Kids think before they go to bed, and it’s nice to give them some food for thought. Some kids also talk a lot before they fall asleep and its important that parents listen in to their innermost thoughts and feelings at this time. And of course, it’s nice to see the child drop off smiling nicely under his cosy comforter!