Maintaining Lego Bricks

We all love Lego! As parents, most of us believe that Lego is good for kids. Many of us adults also enjoy Lego. But do we know what to do with the bricks and pieces when we are done playing, or if the child has outgrown the brick or if the bricks are dirty or no more usable?
Well, most of the times parents usually give away toys to charities when the children have outgrown them. And the same applies to Lego bricks. But sometimes we want to preserve some model or object that the child created or we ourselves created. And when we do that, the first thing that happens to the model is – it gathers dust. Especially between the tiny pegs on a brick. I usually have a tiny painting brush and a small makeup brush with which I regularly dust away as much as dust as I can.
If you have a child like mine that wants to take Lego to a picnic, then definitely they would actually get really dirty. So the other way to clean bricks is to take the pieces and dunk them in soapy water for about half hour and then rinse off the clean bricks in a colander to get the soap out. After this, the bricks do look brand new and shiny! But this may not be ideal when you have a beautiful model of an aircraft created. And yes I know, I hate taking apart my favourite models too.
Sometimes the bricks are really worn out or damaged beyond repair so what do we do then? Recycle!! Yes, indeed this is possible. Most of us throw little bits of plastic in the bin knowing fully well that it harms the environment. But the Lego company does encourage recycling. So next time when you hoard Lego, use these tips to maintain, clean and recycle toys. Better still, teach kids to do it themselves. Kids enjoy it and one job is well taken care of!
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