Letní Letňák (camp) and Night Watch

Photo Courtesy: Letni Letnak website

Where: Letenské sady, 170 00 Prague 7
When: August 15 – September 1
Details: Letní Letňák is the part of the Letní Letna two week circus festival. It is a day camp and a summer festival for kids (6-15 years old), where they will be taught the basics of acting, voice training and juggling. Experts from each of the fields will be working with your children, giving you an opportunity to explore the festival on your own and visit some of the shows, which may not be interesting for the kids.
Letní Letňák has a festival kinder garden option, where children will be under experienced instructors supervision and entertained by participating in the workshops.
Furthermore, kids will be preparing a show, which they will perform in front of their parents and the public at the end of the festival.
Letní Letňák is a great way to creatively and actively spend time during the Letní Letna circus festival.
Application for the camp will be opened on March 15th. Night Watch is another option parents, visiting Letní Letna, have. In case you do not have a babysitter or your kid does not want to go to some of the shows, you can use the Night Watch service. It is a babysitting service (18:00 – 22:00 hours), provided by lecturers from Jabličkov. The Night Watch is intended for kids from 4 to 12 years old.
Price: 250 CZK/child (sibling discount: 2 children 350 CZK, 3 children 500 CZK)

  • Keep in mind to pack some refreshments for your children as they may get hungry (sandwich, fruits – anything ready for immediate consumption), a drink in a bottle, spare set of clothes. All items, including food boxes, should be signed.
  • A note with a full name, birth identification number, hame of the child’s health insurance company, mobile number of the parent (available throughout the whole babysitting), all health relevant information such as allergies.
  • Medicaments – in case your kid suffers from a condition which requires an application of a certain drug
  • In case you are not the now, who will be picking up a kid, make sure to inform about it and leave the name of the other person