Krav Maga for Kids

Krav Maga for kids is exploding in popularity around the world and for good reason.  Krav Maga is more than just physical exercise, more than a fighting style, it’s a life centred discipline that helps kids focus, concentrate, think and act. Krav Maga helps kids to gain confidence, awareness and ability in an engaging and high energy atmosphere.

What is Krav Maga?
Krav Maga (pronounced Krav MaGAH) is a modern form of self-defence and evasion. Krav Maga is Hebrew for “CloseCombat”.

You might be surprised to learn, but Krav Maga has its roots in the old Czechloslovakia!

Krav Maga was created in Bratislava in the 1930s by Imi Lichtenfeld to defend against increasing attacks on his neighbours in Pre-World War II Europe. It combines the most effective techniques and philosophies from various martial arts and fights training.

The CEO of Paypal described Krav Maga: “Part of the Krav Maga philosophy is that the best way to win a fight is not to get into a fight. We spend a lot of time figuring out how to de-escalate situations and win through the avoidance of conflict. When conflict is unavoidable, Krav Maga teaches us how to use everything at our disposal to neutralize a threat while remaining calm under pressure.

What are the classes like?
Krav Maga Prague classes are high energy fun with a focus on participation and action! Through fun exercises, the Krav Maga for Kids program teaches juniors about awareness, prevention, de-escalation as well as effective defences that empower kids to protect themselves and to be safe in conflict situations. Krav Maga prepares kids mentally and physically to help them deal with confrontation and to build up their confidence.

The confidence Krav Maga instils helps kids enjoy life and all it has to offer. It also helps kids develop ‘situational awareness’ so they can recognize trouble before it gets close. Understanding danger is the best way to avoid danger.

Is Krav Maga safe?
Personal safety and the wellbeing of all students is the top priority. Kids are instructed in a positive and confidence-building environment that is supercharged with activity and fun. Practising Krav Maga in a fun environment is the best way for kids to learn all the life lessons Krav Maga offers.

Who else is doing Krav Maga in Prague?
Krav Maga is becoming one of the top after school activities in Prague with kids from all over the world!

Krav Maga Prague works with:

  • Prague British International School
  • Christian International School
  • Deutsche Schule Prague
  • Duhovka Gymnasium
  • Parklane International School

All Krav Maga Prague classes are taught in English, and we welcome everyone who wants to join our community. Regardless of where you’re from, your child’s age or fitness level, Krav Maga Prague is ready for you!

So, if your kids want an active, exciting and positive experience that will teach them some great life lessons, give Krav Maga Prague a try! The first lesson is on us, just click here to sign up!