How to Pack and Plan a Picnic

There’s always something alluring about a picnic. The joy of lugging a heavy hamper of eats and treats, the petty pleasure of laying things out on a pretty mat and letting the kids run around while you lounge lazily under a tree, beside a lake, picking on cherries in the warm sun. Well, enjoying a lovely day outside, takes a lot of work and planning beforehand. Here’s what I usually do while planning a picnic with the family.

Pick a spot
Picking a spot is crucial because everyone needs to have some form of entertainment in the vicinity – an open area for the kids to run or play, a cool shady spot to lay out the eats, perhaps a waterbody with ducks or birds to watch as you lay about, a toilet facility close by, and then some flowers, trails and nature’s wonders for you to admire. I usually like one by a pond or lake with ducks so the kids can feed them berries or walk around the pond.

Pack a hamper
Make sure to pack in one hearty meal like a pie or a sandwich or a quiche. Different kinds of fruit add colour and health you the picnic, plus everyone gets to choose what they like to eat. Some berries, oranges, apple wedges or juicy pears are most welcome on a hot day. Add in a bunch of veggies with a dip – cucumbers, carrots, celery. You can already make the salad or carry a knife and dressing to toss up a salad on the spot!

Keep a lot to drink
Water, juice, lemonade: options are always welcome. A bubbly drink is always a welcome treat on a hot day! I like to make my own iced teas and carry them in an insulated bag to keep them cool. Always throw in a couple of extra bottles of water. It always comes in handy to wash some fruit or children’s hands before eating.

Pack essentials
Cutlery, plates, glasses, they all come in handy especially the use-n-throw ones. I prefer to take actual plates and a bag for dirty plates to go back home in. It’s always good to cut back on the litter. Keep a bag for collecting the garbage. Some sunscreen, first-aid kit, and pillows are a luxury. And last but not the least, pack an enormous happy picnic blanket.

Don’t forget the activities
Kids love the outdoors but they sometimes can get bored when ‘picnicked’ to a spot. Some badminton racquets, some footballs to kick around and some digging equipment are just right to keep them busy. If you’re like me and like reading, pack a book to read under the tree.

Stash some dinner in the fridge
You don’t want to be coming home early after a picnic and starting up the stove after a whole day of fun. Food in the fridge can be a savior in case someone gets hungry once back home.

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