How to get your child to talk to you?

Am sure most of us as parents have made sure to ask our kids ‘how was your day?’ and the answer many of us get is ‘fine’. But is that what we want to hear? Of course not! We want the tiny details about what they did, did they like lunch, who shared a secret and more. But how do you get kids to talk about their day?

Well, firstly its important to know that kids usually copy us, parents. So if you first talk about what you did the whole day, the child will usually take a cue from you and counter your info with his.

Another tip is, kids usually talk when they are doing something, like walking, playing, dinner time or bath time, or just before dropping off to sleep.

But sometimes, all these ideas don’t help a child open up. So what can we ask so that they tell us? Here is a simple list:

1 What was the funniest thing that happened today in school?
2 What games did you play with Jane (friend’s name)?
3 Is there anybody you do not like? Why?
4 Did you get hurt today? How?
5 What book did you read today?
6 Do you want to share a secret with me that nobody else knows?
7 When you are sad, what do you do to feel better?
8 Does anything scare you?
9 What colours do you line in your wardrobe?
10 Do you like birthday parties? Why?