How to Deal with Social Distancing and Quarantine

Family with kids

Quarantine and social distancing is something very new in our busy lives. How to stay sane and efficient?

We understand that being with your whole family at home 24/7 can be overwhelming. Kids have school tasks to finish, you may have your own work to do as well. There is a lot going on at home, even though we don’t go to work.

First of all, we all have to accept the situation and make peace with it. It is a good idea to have a sit down with all of the family members and discuss what is going on, and how you are planning to battle it. Be honest. Assure your kids that everything will be fine, but for some time they will have a new routine that will involve staying home.

Have a plan for each day. This will help you stay productive, and everyone feels good when they have things done. Have some breaks for a game time or a nap between the tasks so that your kids don’t get bored.

Do not forget to move and stay active. Find some exercises that you can do together as a family.

Stay in touch with your relatives and friends. Talk to them, ask if they are ok. You can have video chats as well. It is important to support each other during this time. Use this period for bonding with your family members. You can find mutually enjoyable activities like cooking. You can then enjoy the meal together.

An important thing about being at home with others for a long time is having your own space. Spend some time on your own to recharge.

Stay productive and positive!