How good is Prague’s public transit system?

It’s so good, most of the people I know live car-free, that’s how good!

Prague has one of the highest rates of public transport usage in the world with 1.2 billion passenger journeys per year, and it ranks among the cheapest in Europe; a basic single subway ride costs about $1.00

And while the system is great, there are times when you just need a car or some other way to get from here to there or to participate in an event out of town.

Fortunately for the ‘carless clans’ that live in CZ, there are some interesting alternatives, from bikes to scooters to cars.

For bikes, Prague is well connected with quite a few options. While Prague does not have a public system, these providers give you just about everything you can ask for:

Rekola Bikes
You’ve probably seen the iconic pink bikes with baskets being piloted around town. Just download the app and you’re ready to ride in a few minutes. The first 15 minutes are for free and it’s charged at 15-minute increments after that! Bikes available from March through November.

Other companies are aiming their sights on Prague as well, like the Chinese company Ofo, and another local company with Velonet.

Electric scooters that make getting around effortless. Lime has arrived! You may have seen the lime green scooters parked around town. They’re electric scooters that you can rent using their app. Prices are about 22Kc to unlock and about 3.3Kc per minute to zoom around town!
If you need a bigger solution than these, the car-sharing market in Prague is pretty well populated.

Check out the new guy on the block:

re.volt rents electric 2 seater cars. They’ve got 20 vehicles on the road as of this writing as well as 4 motorcycles. 100% electric! It’s a 20Kc minimum and 4Kc per minute.

Car sharing is an option too:
Car 4 Way
Car 4 Way has vehicles starting with a small Skoda Citigo all the way up to a VW Transporter Van. The first 30 minutes are charged at 5-7Kc depending on the vehicle and hourly after that.

HoppyGo connects you with people who have cars to rent to you. You can select the type of car you want depending on your needs. Prices vary greatly depending on your choices, but anything you want is probably here from tiny economy cars to vans as well as super sports cars.

Autonapůl is a service that provides cars for you that are parked in the general vicinity of Metro Stations. As with other car-sharing apps, you can choose the type of vehicle. They are not a big player, but they have a good range of vehicles.

To get your hands on new cars:
Ajo Car
Ajo car puts new cars at your fingertips. You can rent them for an hour or a day. The rates are dependent on how much you deposit to your account. The more you deposit, the less you’re charged.

Check out Prague’s car sharing aggregator that collects info from many different sharing options:
Prague City Carsharing Service
This is an app run by the City. “This system allows you to select any shared car directly from a map of Prague…everybody will also find information about the service provider for the selected car, and any registration and subsequent information related to its use,” Prague Deputy Mayor Petr Dolínek (ČSSD) said on the City Hall website.

So even though Prague’s transit system is one of the best in the world, you still have options to use reliable sharing platforms for just about anything you can imagine.

Good luck, and share away!