Where: Gymnathlon Česká Republika, z.s., multiple locations in Czech Republic
When: October – June 2018/2019
Details: Gymnathlon is a sports programme for kids aiming to develop a long-lasting dedication to staying active. The concept of the programme is to make all the activities playful and in the form of a game. In this way, kids will not lose concentration nor motivation. Gymnathlon wants kids to genuinely enjoy the courses and be excited about the upcoming classes.
Kids will be performing a variety of athletic exercises prepared by the professionals from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Charles University.
Gymnathlon is focusing on kids from 6-8 years old and 6-8 years old. Maximum of 20 children in a group. Training is once a week, 32 trainings in total.
By the end of the course, children will have a test, which will determine, what kinds of sports fits them.
Language: Czech
Admission fee: 2490 CZK