Fun activities @ home, without toys!

We all know that kids, especially toddlers are quick at aping parents and that’s how they learn. My son always wants to copy everything that I do around the house.
Like most mums of today, I couldn’t imagine life without toys to entertain my toddler until my son decided to reach out and came to join me in the kitchen. Yes, it was entirely his decision! One day while I was doing laundry, I heard a sound in the kitchen and rushed to find him seated happily on the floor, stirring pieces of paper in a saucepan. Clearly he had helped himself to my kitchen.
Well, that was the beginning and I made it a point to give him a chance at whatever I did, from doing laundry to stirring up trouble! Here’s a list of my ideas:



Stirring a stew
Whenever I was at the stove cooking something, I gave my son a pot with pieces of cucumber or tomato and a stirring spoon. I put him on a carpet on the kitchen floor and as long as I was stirring the stew, he was stirring his!



Noisy drummers
I always had a set of pots and pans turned upside down and let him have a go with a wooden stirring spoon. I know it does get a bit noisy, but trust me they enjoy it. And we all know, this phase does not last very long.



46637389 - moving to a new apartment. happy child in a cardboard box


All boxed up
My son loved the packaging boxes of the toys more than the toys themselves! And when were relocating, I let him have a large cardboard box to play with. He would have fun, crawling into it, turning it upside down, crawling under it, trying to rip it apart and more.



Flour on the floor
All you need is a big tray to fill up with flour and here’s your safe and clean makeshift sandbox. But I always made sure to put it in a place where it can be cleaned easily and not on a carpet. Kids love to feel new things and the soft flour feels great to them especially when it dust it all over themselves, the floor and over you!

Parent Alert: Littlepanda recommends that kids of all age groups need to be supervised while they are playing.