Flash Cards

What are Flash cards?
Flash cards are really cool cards with information and pictures on them. They are used to aid learning. For pre-schoolers these cards usually have small words, alphabets and pictures. For older children these cards can have a question with an answer. These cards are used as a memorizing tool and help children or adults remember quick facts, spellings, vocabulary, and more. They also help children in learning to read.

Where can you buy them?
They are available in any toy store or bookstore.

Games that you can play with alphabet flash cards.

  • Have a pile of cards with words and pictures in front of you. Let the child pick one. If the child can spell the word on the card, she can keep it. For an older child, if the child is able to make a sentence using the word on the card, he can keep it. See who gets the most cards. This game helps improve spelling and vocabulary.
  • Lay out the flash cards all over the floor. Call out a letter or word and have your child jump on that letter or word. This game helps the child recognise alphabets or words.
  • Ask the child to pick 3 cards and then create a story with the pictures and words on it. This game helps develop the child’s imagination and improve her narrative skills.
  • Display a few flashcards for one minute. Now, cover it or put it away. Then ask the child to write down the cards that that she can remember. This game helps your child to improve his memorizing ability.
  • Have your child pick one flashcard from the pile. Ask him not to show it to you, but act out what he saw in the picture. Try to guess the object on the card. This game allows the child to think about the uses of the object and to express himself without using speech.

Do you have any more exciting ideas for using alphabet flashcards? Do share them in the comments.

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