Face Masks + Senior Shopping Hours

Starting today, everyone must wear a face mask when stepping out. The government has approved a mandatory wearing of face masks for everyone starting March 19.

Grocery stores will be open only for seniors from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and only people above the age of 65 will be allowed to shop at this time. This will be enforced from today. This measure is intended to protect seniors against coronavirus. Prime Minister Babis has pointed out that seniors are most at risk, and they will also have a specific time at pharmacies.

According to the Deputy Health Minister Roman Prymula, the coronavirus can last up to 48 hours on plastic and about 24 hours on paper. So regular disinfection is required on all surfaces.

There are no deaths yet in the Czech Republic due to the Corona Virus. Three people have recovered from the disease. But 5 people are in critical condition.

It is true that face masks are not available in stores in the Czech Republic. Babis has said that up to 30 million masks are expected to arrive from China. Presently there are no punishments enforced for people who do not wear masks. But the police can impose a fine of up to ten thousand CZK.

The state wants to enforce wearing masks mandatory but is waiting for the masks to arrive. The government is doing its best to provide protective equipment.