Encourage Your Child to Drink More

With the days getting hotter, its evident that we all should drink more. And since its summer, it’s obvious to be tempted on a hot day to reach out for a sweet, cool bottled drink. Well, we all know that water should be the first beverage to look out for. But pitted against all those super colas and squashes, water is usually left behind. So here are some tips to help kids reach out for water instead of another unhealthy drink.
Keep water cool: It need not be icy cold, but a glass of cool water is certainly more appealing than something warm on a hot day. I like to shove in a bunch of fresh mint-stems into my pitcher, to make it refreshing to taste. It’s interesting to note the sweet scent of fresh mint in water while adding no calories.
Add natural flavors: Add some fruit slices in the water to give it great flavor like lime, orange slices or red berries. I like adding frozen raspberries as they serve as little red ice cubes that keep water cool while adding flavor. Kids always love to find something floating in their drink that they can munch on. Cucumber slices in water are equally refreshing if you want to avoid fruit.
Leave water around: Make sure there are little pitchers or glasses of water at a child’s reach around the house, especially near the entrance to the child’s room or play area. Kids come in huffing, puffing and panting and ts easy for them to reach out to water first.
Serve in an exciting cup: Kids love to drink out of a superhero cup or a princess cup or anything that catches their fancy. Use this curiosity to your advantage and serve water in colorful cups.
Use a straw: Although I don’t approve the idea of using more plastic, colored straws or patterned straws with stickers attract kids to the water cup. Just make sure the plastic is disposed of responsibly. My little boy loves to blow bubbles into the water while drinking, nevertheless annoying.
Offer fewer options: The fewer the options there are, kids will drink water. When my son really wants a sweet drink at a party or gathering I make sure that he gets it equally diluted in water. So it’s more water and less sugar.
Work it into a game: Kids love challenges and its easy to maintain a chart with who drank the most water in the house on a particular day. The child gets to add a point each time he or she finishes a cup of water.