Cool facts about leap year birthdays

Image Courtesy: Karley Saagi/ Pexels

Do you have a child born on Feb 29? Then they’re one of the privileged few to choose their birthday date!

1 Many organizations don’t recognize February 29 as a legal day and so people born on the leap year usually choose their birthdate as February 28 or March 1. And yes, they do celebrate their birthdays each year on the chosen date.

2 Babies born on Feb 29 are called leaplings and grow into leapers. While they do choose to celebrate on Feb 28 or March 1, leapers usually have an extra long celebration on Feb 29 as that’s the actual day they were born on!

3 There are only 5 million people who are leapers! And there’s an international club for leaplings – The Honor Society of Leap Year Babies has over 10,000 members worldwide.

4 The Summer Olympic Games are held every four years on leap years. This year it’s held in Paris.

5 A leap year has an extra 1444 minutes. And many people who have fixed income actually work for free on Feb 29 as this day is never usually accounted for!

6 Leaplings can say that they are five years old when they are 20! So they can remain forever young!

So what are you going to do on the Leap day this year?