Christmas Exhibition @ Bethlehem Chapel 2019

Among all the exciting Christmas celebrations in Prague, is a quiet but soulful exhibition of nativity scenes at Bethlehem Chapel in the city centre. Tucked away beneath the chapel, this ‘non-commercial’ display is totally handmade with wood, lace and other easily available materials. This exhibition takes us back to the Christmas of the olden days in its true spirit – quiet, calm and very giving.

This year’s jubilee exhibition will present the most interesting exhibits that have been displayed at the previous 39 exhibitions. There will be four basic themes:

1. Folk crafts

There will be a wide range of old crafts including rope making, brushing, basket weaving – including cattail or pinch, pottery, glass craft, creating gingerbread, wood carving, coopery.

2. Christmas decorations

The best Christmas decorations that were used to decorate the trees will be shown. Christmas ornaments are made of wax, wood, wood shavings, cotton wool, glass and paper. Some of them are created from various doughs (yeast, salty, Vizovice, snow, gingerbread, etc.), straw and various natural products and fruits.

3. Nativity scenes

The exhibition will have a selection of nativity scenes made of all possible materials from past exhibitions.

4. Christmas customs and traditions:

They will be a variety of customary objects:

  • replicas of various old toys that have been a toy of contemporary toys
  • wooden toys that originated in the Ore Mountains
  • rocking horses and cogs
  • puppet theatre
  • mechanical toys – toys, steam engines, trains
  • Merkur kit, chimneys, flaskets, orchestrions, polyphons
  • various clocks that, besides timekeepers, can fulfil a number of other, less
  • common functions
  • unique ball-beads
  • mechanical nativity scenes
  • Christmas trees
  • workshop and demonstrations of craft

November 30, 2019 to January 2, 2020. Daily 9:00 to 18:00

Opening hours of the exhibition:
Daily 9:00-18:00
24. 12. 2018: open 9:00-14:00
25. 12. 2018: open 13:00-18:00
31. 12. 2018: open 9:00-14:00
01. 01. 2019: open 13:00-18:00

Adults 80 CZK
Children/Students under 26/Seniors 40 CZK
Children up to 90 cm (escorting school and other larger groups free of charge)

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Video courtesy Pivotour