Children’s ballet, Central Library

Photo Courtesy: M?stská Knihovna v Praze website

When: January 20, 14:00 to 15:30 hours
Where: Ústřední knihovna, Central Library, Big Hall
Other Details: This is a Christmas ballet performance by the students of Ballet School BcA. John Nemce. They will perform two shows:
1) Animals and Robbers – The adaptation of fairy-tale ballet on the motives of the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairy tale and the music of Oskar Nedbal, about how many hungry and unhappy animals matured over the robbers of younger pupils.
2) Chopiniana – a ballet called “romantic miracle” Chopiniana Ballet or Les Sylphides does not have a plot, some white sylphids are dancing in moonlight with a “poet” by older students.
Ticket price: 170 Kc
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