Change in parental allowance, January 2018

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The parental allowance in the Czech Republic, which is paid to parents after the end of payment of maternity benefit, will have some changes in 2018.

The present limit of the parental allowance is CZK 11,500 per month. But from January this limit will be removed. So, from January 2018, this benefit will be paid up to the amount of maternity allowance. The ceiling of the monthly allowance will rise but will be calculated based on the income level of the parent.

Higher income parents have an advantage wherein they can withdraw the entire amount of the grant faster than previously. Those who could not choose a parental allowance in 2017 and had only a four-year option would be able to change/ choose parental allowance for a shorter period of time from January 1, 2018, so that they would receive CZK 7600 a month.

For families with twins or more kids, the total amount of parental allowance is increased from CZK 220,000 to CZK 330,000. The ceiling for the monthly allowance will be 1.5 times higher for parents with twins or multiple children. The change will also apply to parents of children born before Jan 1, 2018, if they have not used up the full amount of the contribution. Parents wanting to avail of this must make a new application in 2018.

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Presently parental allowance is provided until the total amount of 220,000 CZK is withdrawn by the parents or until the child is 4 years of age.

Click here for more details on present parental allowance in 2017.

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