Bond better with a question game!

Image courtesy: Vanessa Loring/ Pexels

As kids grow older, it is always complicated to get to know what’s on their mind – especially when they are in their tween years. I’ve found that a question game usually works out well for me!

The game: This is game is usually played during or after dinner, on a weekend when everyone is actually relaxed. All members of the family need to participate. Each person asks a question and all the others have to answer it truthfully. It’s better to begin the game with general or fun questions and then let it flow into deeper ones. Eg: What did you eat at lunch today? A deeper question could be, Do you enjoy sharing lunch with your friends? I like to usually pick a topic for each question game like lunchtime, or playtime, or work/study time, happy time, sad time etc.

Question games help parents bond well with kids. Many times, kids don’t share everything that happens in school. Sometimes they even forget what happened. While playing a question game, kids have to think and come up with not just answers but also questions. This helps break the wall of any kind among kids and parents.

Here are some questions that will help you start the game off and also bond well with your child.

Q What do you like to do the most? When did you last do it?

Q Do your friends and family also love what you love?

Q Can you stop eating pasta forever?

Q What will you do if you’re having a bad day?

Q Did you have an argument today? What was it about?

Q Did you have a happy moment today? What was it about?

Q Would you rather play outside or have lunch during lunchtime?

Q Will you give up cheese for chocolate?

Q Did you ever feel lonely today?

Q Do you prefer to eat vegetables or jump in a puddle?