Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

From an early age, children love putting jigsaw puzzles together. Even these days, when there is an impressive selection of various electronic toys and new gadgets, jigsaw puzzles are still popular with kids of all age groups. Research conducted at the University of Chicago showed that kids who play with jigsaw puzzles perform better on math-related tasks, which require the ability to translate and rotate different shapes. This is why it is important not to overlook jigsaw puzzles for more fashionable electronic toys. Here are a few reasons why jigsaw puzzles are a perfect choice for your kids.
1. Improving problem-solving skills. Solving jigsaw puzzles is a challenging task for a kid, which requires them to think where to fit each piece. By doing this, kids must come up with strategies to solve this task as fast as they can, thus learning the skills of problem-solving.
2. Enhancing memory and concentration. When playing with jigsaw puzzles, children must remember the position of various parts, which boosts their memory. Apart from this, kids learn to focus on the task given – a skill, which is beneficial for children of each age group.
3. Mastering fine motor skills. While working on a jigsaw puzzle, kids learn to grip and hold things. Through jigsaw puzzles, kids can improve their fine motor skills, which are essential for handwriting.
4. Boosting social skills. Jigsaw puzzles can be solved in a group, where a few kids are completing the same puzzle. This collaborative work will enhance the social skills of your kid and teach him or her how best to avoid conflict.

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