8 Ways to show your kids, you love them

20560628 - bento lunch for your child in school, box with a healthy sandwich and fruit salad and apple juice in the bottle for drinking
  1. Break the routine! On a weeknight, go to the movies and let your child pick a movie of her choice. Don’t forget to share a large tub of popcorn!
  2. Pop in a note in his lunch box or jacket pocket with the words ‘I miss you!’
  3. Get creative with her – make a colourful photo frame with family pictures that you choose together and show it off to everyone who visits you.
  4. Create a fun bath with colourful foam, bubbles and bath flakes. Hide some toys for him to find inside the bath and let him play as long as he wants. Bring him a warm chocolate milkshake in the bath and don’t forget to warm the towel over the heater.
  5. Send her a letter in the post with exciting coupons that you create like ‘1 free Chocolate ice-cream!’ Make sure you write on the envelope that it’s for the most loved daughter in the city. Then make a trip together to the cafe where you can enjoy it.
  6. Decorate his room in his favourite colours or theme as a surprise!
  7. Get him his favourite muffin for breakfast at school.
  8. Make a list of your child’s wishes and keep it in a place where he can see. Try to do at least one thing on the list each week.